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Sugar Cookies Illegally Taken From "All You Can Eat" Buffet!

People Outraged With Steve; Co-Worker Appreciates Eating The Cookies - October 21, 2003

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO -- Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi stole three sugar cookies from a local dine-in buffet in Colorado Springs last week, despite signs throughout the restaurant prohibiting customers from taking food off the premises.

The so-called "Internet personality" claimed he was motivated by a desire to impress and "kiss up" to co-workers by giving the cookies to them at his workplace.

"I know I probably shouldn't have done it ... but I go there a lot and thought what the heck?!" stated Steve (left photo), who appeared extremely defensive with a guilty conscience when confronted by others.

Many were appalled with Steve's inappropriate behavior.

"Excuse me? You stole cookies from a buffet? I'm sorry but that's pathetic!" exclaimed co-worker Lisa Rodriguez.

Jason Friesema (right photo), a fellow psychotherapist, enjoyed eating a sugar cookie and voiced his appreciation. "Wow! This is a good cookie." he stated, "It would have been great if you snuck out some peanut butter cookies too."

Steve apparently rationalized the misdeed by thinking that because he spends "tons of money" at the Western Buffet, a restaurant near his workplace, that it was okay to sneak the cookies in his backpack.

"You could have been arrested. Did you even think of that?" asked Alicia S. in Arizona.

"It's always about food for you. Steve, you have a lot of integrity, but I've seen you go wacky like this when it comes to food." stated Kansas Kelly, "You might want to work on this issue if you work as a therapist."

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