Colorado Guy

Large Bulky Suitcase Perturbs Steve at Airport

August 29, 2001

What a heavy suitcase! :( COLORADO SPRINGS AIRPORT, CO -There was no question Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi was helping out his friend Tami Smith when he picked her up at the Colorado Springs Airport. However, what was not expected was Steve's whining and complaining over handling her large, bulky suitcase.

The curly-haired Manitou Springs resident was strained as he pulled Smith's weighty luggage in the terminal, which contained all of her clothing and necessities for her two-week stay in the area.

"Man! what in the world do you have in there?" complained Steve.

"Well I'm going to be here for 13 days, so I have a lot in there but I admit that I'm sort of a pack rat." responded Tami.

Lifting up the gargantuan suitcase and placing it in the back hatch of Steve's Honda CRX was the most difficult.

"Somehow I got (the suitcase) in there." explained Steve, "It was hard to grip, but on the third try I finally got (the suitcase) up and over and into the trunk."

Tami and Steve. Oh how cute!Calling himself the primary host of her visit, Steve is planning to show Tami many of the popular tourist sites in the Pikes Peak region, including Garden of the Gods, the Pikes Peak Highway, Manitou Springs and Steve's tipi in Monument.

"We're going to have a lot of fun, alright. At least I know she'll have plenty of clothing after getting a feel for her luggage." Steve said sarcastically.

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