Playground Swing Hurts People's "Bottoms"

October 27, 2001

Playground Swing COLORADO SPRINGS, CO -- A playground swing at a local Colorado Springs city park was deemed "butt unfriendly" by Steve Garufi yesterday afternoon.

Garufi, who was playing with friend Kendra Morrell at the children's playground adjacent to Palmer Park, claimed he only sat on the swing for a handfull of minutes before getting up to relieve the pain in his bottom.

Playground Swing"I love swings, but I couldn't sit on that swing for more than a minute without my behind being in serious pain." declared Steve.

The material of the seat was a 'hard, sturdy' rubber, according to Steve, and was traditionally designed with metal chains holding the swing.

Playground Swing"I guess that's the way all swings are made, but I don't remember a swing being that hard on my tush." Kendra replied.

Steve was most vocal in airing his frustration. "All we wanted to do was get some coffee at Dunkin' Donuts and then find a nice place to sit and talk ... I hope swings at other local parks aren't as bad as that one." said Steve.

With both disappointed in the difficulty of riding the swing for a long period of time, Steve decided to tell Kendra The Story of the Golden Goats Milk near the baseball field.

Playground Swing"(The swing) was very hard alright but at least I heard the Story of the Golden Goats Milk. That was really funny!" exclaimed Kendra.

As news of the hard playground swings spread throughout the community, most were sympathetic to Steve and Kendra.

"I think it's lame that the seats were too hard to have fun on," said Tanya Morton in a phone interview, "I enjoy swings and I'd be upset too."

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