Rain's Black Lizard Tattoo

Rain Shows Off "Black Lizard Tattoo"
Steve Offers to Pay For Its Removal

March 22, 2002

Tattoo MANITOU SPRINGS, CO - A black lizard tattoo etched on the lower back of ex-Hair Consultant Rain Thrower was exposed and photographed by Steve for all to see in the ColoradoGuy community.

Disgusted with the "artwork" that was created four years ago, Steve publicly reiterated his long-standing offer to pay for the removal of the tattoo with his own money.

"The design of the lizard is okay, I'll give her that, but I just don't like the overall look. It's black and has no color and it's in a bad spot too." exclaimed Steve.

The tattoo is located on Rain's lower back, positioned just above her waistline. When Rain and her cute 9-month-old son visited Steve in his Manitou Springs apartment (and endorsed Boki Evans for Hair Consultant), Rain's low-cut shirt inadvertantly exposed the tattoo. Before that moment, Steve had forgotten all about it until it was glaring in his face.

"Look her husband has to deal with (looking at) that tattoo, not me!" exclaimed Steve. "Rain has a bunch of tattoos and I'm not completely against tattoos in general, but that one, in that particular spot is bad."

RainRain, who enjoys Steve's sense of humor and was even amused by his decision to publicly fire her as Hair Consultant in February 2000, seemed to handle criticism of her tattoo well.

"Well I'm definitely not removing my tattoo no thanks, Steve, but I'd let you pay for me to get it colored." said Rain.

"You know, I think you should get a tattoo. It might help you find a girlfriend tattoos can be a great conversation piece."

"Oh that's a low blow," fired back Garufi, "I hate when people throw my pathetic love life in my face."

Although Steve and Rain debated back and forth, quite fruitlessly, about the merits of that particular tattoo, Rain insisted she is very satisfied with her tattoo and intends to keep it as is.

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