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Term Limits Imposed on Hair Consultant Dawnn
Approval Rating Drops to 31% Amidst Criticism

September 30, 2001

Dawnn DiVito, Hair Consultant

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- Term limits have been imposed on hair consultant Dawnn as a compromise between two sharply divided factions of the community - those who demand an immediate dismissal of Dawnn, and those who want her to continue leading Steve in his long hair.

Dawnn's second term ends on January 12, 2002. She will be disallowed to run for a third term.

Dawnn, who has been "on leave" for six weeks in Phoenix, Arizona, has come under severe criticism for her apparent lack of leadership of Steve's naturally curly hair.

In what has been termed the "Dred Lock Crisis," Dawnn was unavailable to help Steve when he discovered numerous dred locks in his hair. The largest embarrassment to her administration, Garufi turned to former hair consultant Donna Ward at her nearby Manitou Springs home for help on one August evening.

Criticism Heaped Onto DiVito

Keith Ward Shares His Feeling About Steve's Hair"Put this as a top headline on your web site, Steve. That hair consultant of yours wasn't around for you and who is the one helping your (dred lock) problem? my wife is!" said Keith Ward, husband and avid supporter of Donna's campaign this summer, "Dawnn is a Jimmy Carter hair consultant. She's incompetent and doesn't do squat."

There was more negative publicity for Dawnn to endure in early September, when a leak from the palace revealed Steve's use of a 99 cent bottle of Suave Conditioner, which many believe was the cause for the dred locks. With many appalled and outraged, condemnation went directly toward Dawnn.

To make matters worse, Dawnn's approval rating was recently rated a feeble 31 percent - a mere fraction of the robust popularity she enjoyed during the spring and summer months. (Dawnn's approval rating was 74% in April.)

Even some who voted for Dawnn in her successful re-election campaign have urged her firing.

"I have changed my mind about Dawnn," said Loriv of New Ulm, Minnesota, a woman from, "I think your hair is depressed and (Dawnn) is not communicating well with your hair. That's bad."

you tell 'em cat!Cat Sullivan of Colorado Springs, who also admitted voting for Dawnn in the August election, urged Steve to fire Dawnn and replace her with Donna Ward, the most popular former hair consultant in history.

"Steve, it is time to be honest. You already trust (Donna) with your head she is who you turn to in times of crisis your heart and hair have a 'soft spot' for Donna, that should tell you something. You should step out and follow your heart and go with Donna." Sullivan wrote on the Friendship Board.

Dawnn Defends Her Record

Dawnn DiVito, Hair ConsultantWhile Dawnn had no comment about her inavailability during the Dred Lock Crisis, the former Army officer and reigning hair consultant defended herself by insisting she had repeatedly recommended a higher quality conditioner for Steve's hair.

"Look, I told you a few times about top quality conditioners for your hair, but you kept saying you're too cheap and poor to buy them. So what am I supposed to do?" exclaimed Dawnn, in a heated phone conversation with Steve last week, "I can only recommend stuff to you, but I can't help it if you're cheap."

DiVito admitted her six-week leave from Colorado greatly limited communication with Steve and many of her friends. As the primary family member of her recently deceased grandmother in Arizona, Dawnn has been handling numerous tasks related to her grandmother's life.

Steve Garufi"I respect Dawnn for doing all that." Steve Garufi reflected, "I'm real proud of her and I'm just really looking forward to seeing her again and putting all of this political stuff behind."

DiVito plans to return to the Colorado Springs area on Tuesday, October 2. Steve has offered to bake cookies for Dawnn and reported they plan to meet in his Manitou Springs home within the next two weeks.

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