Dead and Discolored Toe Nail Finally Removed From Steve's Left Toe

("Icky" Looking Toe Nail Growing Me; People Still Are Grossed Out!)

September 30, 2001

After the toe nail was pulledMANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- The thick and discolored left toe nail of Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi was finally pulled off today, disclosing a new toe nail (adjacent photo) that appeared quite "icky" and repulsive. The so-called "Internet personality" had the wisdom to photograph it while laying his foot on his green couch in his Manitou Springs apartment.

The removal of the nail ended a three month period of repulsiveness, where Steve's horrible-looking discolored nail (see photo below) could be seen by all through his sandles.

"I'm just glad the nail is gone. It hurt when it came off, but it needed to happen." explained Steve, after the nail came off while working in a local neighborhood garden.

Many, out of disgust, had been urging Steve to pull the outer nail.

"That toe nail was so disgusting. It's about time you got rid of that nail." said Erica Putnam of Manitou Springs.

Ex-Hair Consultant Rain connected Steve's toe nail to his lame dating life: "Uh, may I ask you a question? Do you think there's a connection between you showing off your ugly toe nail and not being able to get dates?"

Steve did actually take a photograph of the old toe nail (see adjacent photo) before it was ripped off, which shocked the viewing community and created a flurry of disapproving e-mails to Steve's home computer.

"I know you're funny a guy, but showing something hideous like your toe nail is crossing the line ... After reading your trashing of New Jersey, I am through with visiting your web site. GOODBYE!" wrote a woman named "Larkspur Gal" who visited the forums in the past.

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