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Garbage Pails Overflow at ColoradoGuy Residence!

September 14, 2003

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- All of the trash bins in Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi's home are presently overflowing, and the Internet personality has been procrastinating (for whatever lame reason) in taking his garage outside.

According to Steve, the trash bins have been completely full for the past two weeks, which brought back memories of times when he went weeks without washing the dishes in his kitchen sink.

"Wouldn't you get grossed out by it? Steve, I don't understand you sometimes." said Lucia Lawrence of Colorado Springs.

"I realize it would take five minutes to dump them, but I dunno, I just don't do it." explained Steve.

The medium-sized waste basket in his bedroom (see above) is filled mainly with papers, kleenex tissues and beverage containers. The bathroom basket (see left) is stuffed with more kleenex tissues and used toilet paper rolls. Lastly, the kitchen garbage pail has a variety of grocery wastes and other unknown items.

At the time that this article was published, Steve has yet to take care of this problem.

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Here's a shot of the kitchen garbage pail! :(

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