Colorado Guy Adds Two More Cups to His Coffee Cup Collection

Two More Cups Added to Coffee Cup Collection

January 24, 2002

The Two Latest Editions! MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- Two more coffee cups were added to Steve's ever-growing collection of coffee cups this afternoon, bringing the total number of containers to 36.

The latest editions are a 16-ounce Seven Eleven Cup and a McDonalds Coffee Cup - both attained as Steve was coming and going from his two day, work-related trip to northern Colorado.

"Steve I have to admit that is the most pathetic thing I've seen you do (or) even write in a long time!" said Jae A., a friend who recently hiked with Steve in Garden of the Gods, "Where are you going to put all of the foam cups you collect in your small apartment?"

The collection of coffee cups, that Steve began collecting last November, sit clumsily in two stories on top of his microwave in his kitchen. He has no idea how many coffee cups he will collect, but believes the hobby will continue indefinitely. All in all, Steve is thoroughly enjoying the experience.

"Look, I realize it may not seem like I have much of a life, which I'll admit, but the bottom line is (the collection) keeps me from being bored." exclaimed Steve.

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