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Two Root Beer Floats For Breakfast; Steve Vomits An Hour Later

MANITOU SPRINGS, COLO. -- With hardly any real food in his home, Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi impulsively ate two root beer floats this morning at his Manitou Springs residence, which led to a horrific scene of Steve vomiting an hour later in the kitchen sink.

As he was finishing his second tasty treat of soda and ice cream at 7:50 a.m., Steve felt throbbing pains of nausea in his stomach and edged towards the sink to "let loose." To make matters worse, Jesse, Steve's roommate, laughed and took pictures during the entire incident.

Steve Garufi "Good mother of Sunday!" shouted Mike Frazier in Colorado Springs, "Just picturing what you did makes me want to throw up!"

Kansas Kelly, a friend and regular visitor of this web site, was also disturbed after learning about the event. "May I suggest that the next time you think of doing this, that you turn on your brain and use it?" she asked.

Later in the day, Steve admitted that his act seemed irrational, especially since it was morning.

"I just looked around the cupboards and I knew there was nothing there. So I thought, 'What the heck?' I'll have a root beer float. And then it turned into two!" explained Steve.

Bill Rogan, a sports talk show host in Denver ( said, "You learned a painful lesson that morning. Note to self: If I ever need a dietician ... don't ask Steve!"

Sadly, this is not the first time that Steve has gotten in trouble with eating. He once ate dry Ramen Noodles and yogurt pretzels for breakfast. Another time he smashed a marshmellow cake against his forehead instead of eating it. Also, he tried to drink an entire bottle of coffee creamer in an attempt impress a female neighbor, but that also backfired when he barfed on the girl's wooden patio.

Censored Photo - Steve Vomits Root Beer Floats :(

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