Three UFO's Sighted in Manitou Springs, Colorado

Steve Freaks Out While Viewing Them From His Apartment Window

UFO Sighting in Manitou Springs MANITOU SPRINGS, COLO. -- An eyewitness to eerie images in the sky, Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi sighted what appeared to be three seperate UFOs that roamed and hovered above the city of Manitou Springs on Wednesday evening.

Although Steve feared the public may discount his eyewitness testimony and might even view him as mentally unstable, he nevertheless wanted the public to be notified of the sighting.

"It was so surreal," explained Steve, who was visibly shaken, "It was out north and they both had lights and were kind of bouncing up and down in the air ... one looked like a dish-shaped thing."

UFO Sighting PhotoAlthough Steve was distraught and experienced psychomotor retardation in his arms and hands, he was wise enough to take pictures with his camera.

"I looked out and screamed, 'What is that?' but I guess none of my neighbors were around," said Steve, "It was spooky."

Steve was typing away at his computer at 7 p.m., when he looked outside his bedroom window. An oval-shaped craft with flittering lights appeared to float in the sky. Within seconds, another U.F.O. appeared.

As the two U.F.O.'s approached closer toward Ruxton Avenue, the two objects suddenly disappeared. Shortly after, Steve spotted another strange object: a dark, circular structure that reflected the unusually bright moonlight of the evening. The entire span of the sightings lasted only five minutes.

Johnny Dardan of Bakersfield, California comforted Steve in a late-night phon conversation by offering his own account of a U.F.O. sighting.

"At the time I was living in Anchorage and it was late at night, maybe two in the morning. All of a sudden these bright lights came at an incredible speed, speed you couldn't even imagine, and there were lots of lights, so it wasn't an airplane. It went straight across the sky and was gone, and the next day it was in the newspaper as a UFO," said Johnny.

Some have expressed suspicion over the validity of Steve's so-called sighting. Mandy Goldstein of Colorado Springs said, "Come on, you dimwit! One looks like a smoke alarm on the ceiling."

Photo of Steve
Steve Garufi Talking
Steve Explains Exactly What He Saw And He Did NOT Feel Good About It

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