Vanilla Coke and Cinnamon Bears ... YUMMY!

September 2, 2002

Howdy folks. Tonight I walked over to Tubby's in Manitou Springs and bought myself a six pack of Vanilla Coke and a package of Cinnamon Bears. Yummy yummy yummy! Let me tell you, I am one happy man! :)

I must admit, I have gotten rather obsessed with Vanilla Coke. It is definitely my favorite soda these days. In fact, last week in four successive days I drank a 44-ounce sized Vanilla Coke Big Gulp from Seven Eleven. Holy Goats Milk! I know, I know it IS a lot to drink!

As you can see, I also bought a small package of cinnamon bears. They're certainly one of my favorite candies along with Good 'N Plenties and Hot Tamales. I've noticed that I tend to appreciate soft chewy candies that are more sugary (Is that a word?) than chocolatey (Heh heh!).

On the left is a zoom-in of one of those cinnamon bears. My camera didn't capture it, but the bears' faces have a lot of detail to them. You'll need to pick up a package sometime and see for yourself. Oh! And be sure to think of me as you eat your cinnamon treats! :)

Hey, you know what's interesting? It was just over one year ago today that I bought a package of Starbursts and asked what color you wanted! Well, I already chomped away at all the Cinnamon Bears, but I have extra cans of Vanilla Coke. Who wants one? :)

Now that picture on the right is a portrait of me and a cinnamon bear. My hair is really messy but cut me some slack, will ya? It's late at night and I'm going to bed soon anyway. (News about my hair will be coming soon ... stick around!)

Alright, that's all for now. Just one last reminder to send in your completed word search to me A.S.A.P. They MUST be in my mailbox by the afternoon of Saturday, September 7. One lucky winner will win a free ColoradoGuy clock! YOU GOTTA BE IN IT TO WIN IT! :)

Nite nite! Love, Steve :)

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