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Awful-Looking Wardrobe Exposed and Criticized!

October 26, 2003

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi's choice of clothing created quite a stir as onlookers and friends mocked his unimpressive wardrobe Sunday morning at Spice of Life Café in Manitou Springs.

Steve is already notoriously well known for wearing his badly torn 11-year-old Rutgers sweatshirt nearly two to three times per week. However, his decision to wear equally torn shorts, a tie-dye shirt tucked out and "dirty looking" tube socks seemed to gain the attention of many at the local Manitou hangout.

"My Steve! I'm so glad you dressed up for the occasion of meeting me." sarcastically said Phil Ladden (see adjacent picture), who met with Steve to make his Internet business a sponsor of this web site.

Steve immediately became defensive. "Listen, I don't want to hear anything about my clothing. It's early in the morning and I wear what I want at Spice."

"Maybe he needs a Clothing Consultant instead of a Hair Consultant. Just look at those shorts ... no wonder you can't get a girlfriend." exclaimed Amelia Connor, a regular at the local cafe.

Also caught on Steve's digital camera were the badly tattered sleeves of his sweatshirt. Amazingly, Steve admitted that he has worn this "shambles of a sweatshirt" to work.

"Okay, I realize this sweatshirt is really old, and I didn't even go to Rutgers (he graduated from Montclair State), but (the shirt) has just grown on me I guess." replied Steve.

"Everyone just get off my case! Why don't you all go in front of a mirror and then go off about my clothing." Steve angrily retorted.

On a side note, Steve's knees were also publically exposed to patrons at the café.

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