ColoradoGuy shows off his Christmas Gifts!
Cool Stuff Steve Got for Christmas! January 2001
Donna Ward, my ex-Hair Consultant, actually gave me this Noah's Ark running water fountain in November. I placed it in my living room and use it often. I LOVE IT! Noah's Ark Fountain
Guys! My Mama and Papa got me the best present, a Gumby t-shirt! I LOVE GUMBY SO MUCH! :) Gumby T-shirt
My dear friend Tara gave me a pet rock. The whole thing is an inside joke, because someone kidnapped my last pet before I even thought of a name for it, which was a cactus. Pet Rock Picture
My pet rock even came with a little nest. :) Another Pet Rock Picture
I also got a $25 gift certificate to Bennigan's or Steak & Ale.

Now please keep in mind that I am not showing off ALL of the presents I received (in case anyone gets offended).
Gift Cerificate
Holy Goats Milk! A cute lamb! Sherri got me that. Holy Goats Milk! A cute lamb!
I actually bought this Ralph Nader t-shirt through I am hoping to maybe impress someone in left-leaning Manitou Springs and maybe even get a date! :) Vote Nader 2000 t-shirt
Oh guys! While I was back in New Jersey and New York for the holidays, I shipped about 75 of my favorite books to Colorado. Three of the four boxes showed up today at the post office! Boxes of Books
I am presently reading a fantastic book titled Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser. Chris had an extra and loaned it to me. When I'm done reading it, I am going to offer to buy it from him. THIS IS A MUST-READ BOOK! Fast Food Nation
Tara, Bernie's youngest sister, made me a hand drawn card. How cute! (This was the same night that we went cruising in Brooklyn, by the way.) Tara Doyle

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