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TACO TIME RESTAURANT! Steve and Matt Have Lunch
April 2002
Taco Time After a long morning playing golf in the desert, Matt and I enjoyed a festive lunch at TACO TIME!
Taco Time Kids Meal The restaurant has a cactus theme! Isn't that awesome? :)
Matt Melton Matt was so hungry that as we waited for our food, he thought about eating a container of salsa.
Taco Time Employee We were very happy to see this friendly come with our food! (She even agreed to pose for a picture.) This Mexican food really hit the spot!
Mexican Food The cheese on those tater tots was as gooey and tasty as it looks!
After a few minutes of Mexican food, this was what our tray looked like! :)
Soda I drank a lot of soda.
Cactus There was a big, heavy cactus on the counter which I found really amusing!
I got a picture of myself with one of the really friendly employees. She was very nice to me!
Jenni Melton On the way out, we picked up an extra chicken burrito for Jenni who works in town. There she was eating quite joyfully!