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TELLURIDE, COLORADO! A Tribute To A Very Special Ski Town In The San Juan Mountains
(Compiled November 2005)

Telluride Ski Map I'll say it up front, I am not much of a skier or snowboarder and I couldn't buy much with regards to Telluride real estate. But there's something about this town, above all other ski towns I've visited through the years, that continually tugs at my heart.

Maybe it is the downright stunning mountain scenery. Local Telluriders affectionately refer to their area as "the valley," as the town's base is surrounded by massive peaks of the San Juan mountains on three sides.

Or maybe it is the immaculate city planning in which recreational trails, ski runs, city parks and housing all work in relative harmony. And the open space! Gosh, there is hardly any "sprawl" upon exiting this town. Kudos to all who have worked to maintain Telluride's beautiful and precious open spaces!

During my last visit, I took a long look at a map of the ski runs that encompass Telluride and Mountain Village. Wow! Gazing at the map was enough to inspire me to get serious about skiing. (Don't count on it though! I'm planning to bike as much as possible this winter, and I plan to do Vail Pass in the next week or two.)

Below is a collection of some of my best Telluride pictures with links to all of my Telluride adventures. No doubt I barely scratched the surface of all this town has to offer, but I offer this tribute nevertheless. Until the next time I visit good ol' Telluride ... ;)


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MY TELLURIDE ADVENTURES... (Rico & Ouray Included)
Telluride, Colorado
Downtown Telluride
Dave Ortiz
Bicycling in Telluride ...
My friend Dave and I bicycled lazily throughout town as I took pictures of the mountain scenery and town sites.

My other bike pages:
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  • Bike Across Colorado
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  • Bridal Veil Falls Bridal Veil Falls ...
    West of town near the Pandora mine is Bridal Veil Falls. You can drive up the road with a 4-wheel drive to get to the base and top of the falls. If you love waterfalls, you need to visit this!
    Other waterfall pages:
  • Agnes Vaille Falls (Buena Vista)
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  • Telluride Gondola Telluride Gondola
    Telluride, Colorado
    Telluride, Colorado
    The Telluride Gondola ...
    Click the link above or view my older Telluride Gondola pictures from 2002. The great thing about this ride is its free during the non-ski season. ;)

    San Juan Mountains Dallas Divide ...
    The most common drive from Ouray to Telluride is to drive to Ridgway and travel east over Dallas Drive. You'll enjoy great scenery along the pass.
    San Juan Mountains San Juan Mountains Lizard Head Pass ...

    I love driving this pass.
    The Scenery!

    Other passes: Cottonwood Pass, Hoosier Pass, Hayden Pass

    The Wilson Family have become special friends of mine. They are local Telluride residents who have submitted their photos from time to time. Below are five pages of their adventures. The adjacent photo is a grand view from driving over Black Bear Pass.

    Their pages:

  • Black Bear Pass
  • Telluride Gondola Ride
  • Telluride Skiing
  • Imogene Pass
  • Telluride Bluegrass Festival
  • Mt. Sneffels In August 2007, Jay Wilson and I ascended Mt. Sneffels via the standard route from Yankee Boy Basin.

    I have two pages with photos:

  • Mt. Sneffels (Personal Site)
  • Mt. Sneffels (Ouray)
  • Last Dollar Road A spring 4-wheel drive adventure on Last Dollar Road.
    Telluride, CO A morning bike ride from the center of Telluride to the Telluride Airport.
    Dunton, CO A group of friends and I drive to Dunton, CO.
    Box Canyon Falls Box Canyon Falls in Ouray is a popular place for visitors.
    Cascade Falls in Ouray Ouray, Colorado Ouray, Colorado ...
    Cascade Falls (left) is a short walk from the main avenue in Ouray.
    Rico, Colorado Rico, Colorado ...
    A modest pictorial of this historic town.

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