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THE TENNESSEE PASS CAFE! Steve And Scott Dine In Leadville, Colorado (January 28, 2006)
Leadville After doing a winter drive over Tennessee Pass, Vail Pass and Fremont Pass and frolicking a bit in the snow, my buddy Scott and I had a late lunch at the Tennessee Pass Cafe, which is located on the main avenue in Downtown Leadville. No, it is *not* located at the actual pass - that's where the Ski Cooper slopes are located! ;)
Beer This restaurant is definitely a nice place with large, south-facing windows looking towards the main avenue. I drank this Sunshine Wheat microbrew, and I must give special thanks to Paul in Maryland (known as "Maryland Guy" on the forums), for he donated $3 to me just so I could drink a beer! Thanks Paul! :)
Now I will be the first to admit that this isn't the great pictorial. Scott and I ordered a large pizza with ham, sausage and some other things and I forgot to take a picture. I didn't even remember to make an in-action eating picture! :p) Ah well, the pizza was pretty darn good!
Scott Baker I did, however, get one shot of Scott taking one last bite of his pizza crust!
Leadville There's one shot of the inside of the place.
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