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Extra Pictures From My TEXAS TRIP! :) - October 29-31, 2003
Here's some shots from Lewisville Lake, which is somewhere north of Dallas.
People, it was so stinkin' windy out there. Check out those birds! ;)
By the way, that's the food we ate for breakfast at IHOP!

LEFT: Chicken fajita omelette. (Mine)
RIGHT: I don't know what that is. Some kind of egg thing. (Hers)

More Pictures from Cheyenne Rose's House! :)
It was so cool to travel on President George Bush Turnpike to get to her house! :)
Hooray! That's Cheyenne's house in Rowlett.

By the way, these are all pictures from the day after the Texas Halloween party.
Cheyenne and her mama.
LEFT: Michelle (who painted my face) and Cheyenne.
RIGHT: Look at Michelle's cute slippers! ;)
As I was leaving to go back to Colorado, Cheyenne's mama made me a yummy care package for the long drive ahead.
Aw! One last sappy picture of Cheyenne and I.

Pictures While Driving Each Way From Texas to Colorado...
Alrighty, I didn't take too many pictures on the way there, but the left is from Tucumcari, New Mexico. The other was the border west of Amarillo, Texas.
So I'm cruising at 90 mph on Interstate 40 when I look down at the gas gauge to find out I'm nearly empty! I freaked out and luckily got to the next town (Bushland, Texas) to fill up! ;)
That's the first of many farm-hick-redneck trucks that I saw in Texas! ;)
On the way home, there was a nice sunset forming in West Texas...
Got this nice silhouette of a trailer truck.

And then BOOM! The sky "lit up" in bright orange! :)

All pictures were taken from the same spot.
Oh people! Love's is the best rest stop. Just look at that logo ... I think I'm in love with it! :)

Okay, I'd really like to hear your thoughts about Texas or any of these pictures on my:


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