Tipi Gathering, March 2002
Tipi Gathering with Sherri, Mike and Myself - March 9, 2002
Mike and the tipi So I threw a tipi party this weekend and only two people showed up, but it was quality not quantity of people that I apprecited. :)
Tipi I love looking up at the tipi poles.
Wooden Spoon Sherri showed up, and look at what she has in her hand. It's a piece of wood that is shaped like a spoon, and it broke off naturally from a block of wood. THAT'S AMAZING!
Mike and the dog Mike and the local dog kinda hit it off. :)
The Fire Later in the night, that fire really helped us stay warm!
Smore Close-up Oh guys! We ate really yummy smores!
Steve with bag of marshmellows After eating a couple of smores, I wanted to know what the heck are the ingredients of those marshmellows!

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