Steve and Christina (a.k.a. "Toteco") Hang Out Together!

First, lunch at Old Chicago...

Alrighty! So Christina and I met at Old Chicago and as we were waiting, I pulled out my sack of organic spelt sesame sticks...
...she said she liked them, but they kinda looked like dog food.
I ordered a calzone, which was yummy!
See how happy I looked eating it? :-)
Hey! Check out Christina's ear and earrings. I think it was pretty neat! :)
Christina ordered a chicken sandwich!
By the way, Christina has long hair and IT ROCKS!
This was about two-thirds of the way done...
Christina's plate.

Okay, then things started to get a little more interesting...

Messing Around with the Camera in the SEPIA SETTING...

Awwwwwww, what a nice picture! :-)
Me, freaking out over a ketchup bottle.
Then Christina tried to imitate me. How cute!
That was our waiter. He seemed a little spooked when I asked him to pose for me, but he did! :)
Hee hee!
Probably the best picture in this pictorial! :)

Enjoying the Nice Weather in Garden of the Gods...

So we decided to go for a walk in Garden of the Gods...
...and MAN was the weather nice! :)
Oh how cute! HA HA HA!

By the way, my hair was in a ponytail and yes, I know it looked like crap! :-(
Splendid shot!
Okay, while Garden of the Gods is a MUST-SEE place, those uniquely shaped rocks are difficult to photograph.

Here's a huge rock with the faint outline of climbers. Click the picture to see the zoom-in!
Now, standing in the same spot, I zoomed-in as much as I could. There were three rock climbers up there! Hopefully this will give you an idea of just how large that orange rock is! :)
Christina, do you realize just how photogenic you are? :-)
I've always got to get one picture of Pikes Peak in there! And kudos to the Manitou Incline! :)

Hanging out in Manitou Springs...

Funky picture! As we were first getting into our cars, I took this nifty shot. That's my red Honda CRX and her Mitsubishi behind me!
The dude at Sugar Magnolia's in Manitou looked really intense as he gave me my ice cream!
I got butter pecan. I WANTED chocolate chip cookie dough but they were out of it. Oh well! :P
Christina got a red snow cone in a cup.
Then we walked across the street to Manitou Cactus and Christina petted a cute cactus!
Of course, I had to show off in front of her by showing that I would kiss it.

Ouch! Did it hurt! :-(

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