Steve's Childhood Toys

Random Toys, Intellivision Video Games and Fireball Island - December 2003

Fisher Price Service Station and Garage Being in New Jersey for Christmas, I spent time playing in the basement of my childhood home.

This is my Fisher Price Service Station and Garage! ;)

Toys That's me, playing with two matchbox cars!
Globe I remember when my grandmother bought us this globe. I think I was around age nine.
Stuffed Mouse Duck Made of Seashells LEFT: That's Peppino, the name we gave this stuffed mouse.

RIGHT: That duck, made out of seashells, has been down in that basement for as long as I can remember!

Board Games
Opening up the closet to where all our board games were, I pulled out three that I used to play with a lot: Pathfinder, Battleship and All-Star Baseball.
Ping Pong
Ping Pong Ping Pong
My younger brother Mark plays ping pong!
Pro Football Pennants
San Antonio Gunslinders Pennant
These are some of the old pennants that we collected.

Love the Houston Oilers pennant and San Antonio Gunslingers from the USFL! :)

Knock Hockey Knock hockey!
Knock Hockey Me about to hit the wooden puck.
Coleco Miniature Pool Table This was fun - a Coleco miniature pool table!

The felt is ripped and the surface is badly warped, but it provided my brothers and I with fun for years! :)

Head to Head Electronic Baseball Two electronic baseball games.

Parker Brothers Baseball & Head to Head Baseball.

Intellivision Video Games
Intellivision Set Intellivision is the greatest! Whenever I return home, I still play these video games! Below are my favorites ...
Lock N Chase Lock & Chase, which was Intellivision's alternative to Atari's Pac-Man game.
Intellivision Burger Time Burger Time! You've got to love the graphics of the chef running over the hamburger buns! :)
Intellivsion Tower of Doom Tower of Doom.
Intellivision Baseball Baseball! The players look like chairs, don't they? :)
Space Armada Space Armada! Ooooooooo! Shoot those monsters! :P
Tron Deadly Discs Tron Deadly Discs was an interesting game!
Commando Intellivion Last but not least, Commando came out later in the mid-1980's.

"Fireball Island" Board Game
Fireball Island Game Among all the board games in the Garufi household, playing Fireball Island as a family has amazingly carried on to this very day! The funny thing is, I don't think this game sold very well when it was on the market in the mid-1980s.
Fireball Island Board Red marbles acts as fireballs as players fight to get off the island with the coveted jewel.
Playing Fireball Island There I am fireballing someone while Dad objects to something. :)
Take another turn after your turn.
Mark Mark wasn't happy with his cards.
Fireball Island Game It's fun for the whole family when you play Fireball Island! on Facebook

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