Hi folks. Just thought I'd show ya an old blast-from-the-past. We ate at Tres Hombres while my family was visiting on vacation last summer. By the way, it turns out the "Texas 7" fugitives spent a lot of time in Woodland Park, and often hung out at this place. Amazing! (P.S. My hair is much longer now!)

Tres Hombres, Woodland Park, CO, August 2000
Holy Goats Milk! The chips and salsa that they started us off with were so good!
I love that cactus on the neon sign. :)
Mark and I played a game of pool after we ordered our food.
ENOUGH SMALL TALK! Here's what I ate: A large chicken burrito smothered with green guacamole stuff and cheese, along with rice and beans. My taste buds were in heaven! :)
We stopped for lunch on our way back from Cripple Creek. Mark won $6 bucks, I uhhhhhh, well, I uhhhhhh, lost $20.
Tres Hombres looks like a cool place to hang out in the evening. I'll be back for sure!

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