Utah Rest Area
Steve Visits a Rest Area in Eastern Utah! :) - April 2002
Interstate 70 Drive west of I-70 from Grand Junction and you're in virtual desert and approaching the Utah border...
Utah Border Sign ... and TA-DA! The Utah state line! :)
Utah Rest Area I drove in just couple of miles and stopped at a rest area.
Utah Rest Area Path I had nothing to do. So I walked up the sidewalk that led to a vista.
Desert Picture A great desert picture! Mind you, it was really hot outside at the time.
Utah Rest Area There was a beat-up sign that explained how much of Utah is owned by the federal government.
Desertscape It was actually quite pretty out there. I love the desert! :)
Rest Area I know ... taking detailed pictures of a rest stop is a little unorthodox. :)
Desertscape Great shot of the highway, desert and mountains all together!
Steve in the desert I began to run low on water and started to flip out a little, but I managed.

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