Hi folks. I do plan to write a rather lengthy story about my trip. (I did LOTS of journaling!) In the meantime, I will be slowly showing off the many pictures I took on this bike trip! Love, Steve :)
Day 1: Biking Across Four Corners Region - June 2002
First of all, special thanks to Boki who drove me and the bike out to Four Corners, camped along with me that night, and really helped with much of the mechanical issues with the bike!
Starting at the Four Corners monument.
I was so out-of-shape that first day. As I type this, my legs are in MUCH BETTER SHAPE than they were that first day! :)
I think it's really neat how the land surveyors marked the very spot where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona all meet!
Looking south, I could see the famous Shiprock rock structure in New Mexico.
Guys, there is absolutely nothing out there. It's all desert on the Ute Mountain Reservation.
I knew when I reached those mesas that I was reaching civilization, so to speak.
Finally, after riding 25 miles of relative uphill, I reached the Indian Casino! I'VE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY TO BE IN A CASINO IN MY LIFE! :)
I hooked up my bike and rested for about 2 1/2 hours. I played nickel slots in a nice, soft, comfortable chair and managed to break even. And I kept receiving free sodas too! :)
It took another 20 miles to arrive in Cortez. I couldn't find a good picture of a Cortez sign, but at least got this garbage recepticle.
Extremely sore and suffering from stomach cramps, I camped right here with a great view of the Mesa Verde range as the sun rose the next morning.

COMING SOON ... DAY 2 (The Toughest Day of the Trip!)

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