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PICTURES OF WALKING STICKS! Darryl's Carved Walking Sticks (February 2006)
Walking Sticks Today I paid a visit to my friend Darryl's place in Buena Vista, where he showed me some of his carved walking sticks. That's his work area.
Walking Stick Darryl's likes making bears on the ends of them. And notice the colorful beads he puts inside them! :)
Walking Stick Walking Stick Two more really nice ones!

Here are all of my art & wood-related pictorials:
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  • Wood Sculptures (Poncha Springs)
  • Custom Bronze Sculpture (by Scott Stearman)
  • Walking Stick That's Darryl's latest walking stick that he's working on! ;)
    Darryl Darryl proudly holds two of his walking sticks.
    Ooooooh and look! Those sticks are tomorrow's walking sticks with bear heads on them! ;) It's neat: On occasion, Darryl heads into Chalk Creek Canyon near St. Elmo, gathers loose branches and brings them back to his place to work on.
    White Bear Now this is a small handcarved white bear that Darryl made. It only took him a few hours to make this! Yeeesh ... he's good!
    Mt. Princeton
    Mt. Yale
    Darryl's place is just outside of Buena Vista and man, here are the view of Mt. Princeton (left) and Mt. Yale (right - I zoomed in a bit with this one) from his backyard.

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