Colorado Guy
Sunday Evening Dinner with the Ward Family
September 23, 2001
I spent some time at Donna's house on Sunday evening. That's the very cute Amber, sitting on the couch. Beer
That's Paul, the middle kid. (Eric, the oldest, wasn't around.) Paul was showing me how he's going to be learning some type of hunting, I think. isaiah verse
I snuck a peak into the kitchen and it was so amazing to see all that chicken! Donna has been doing really well since running unsuccessfully for hair consultant this summer. cup
Oh by the way, we were watching the football game on TV. drink a gallon..
ENOUGH SMALL TALK! HERE'S WHAT I ATE! The southern fried chicken was tender and juicy with a delightful crispy skin, the rice was seasoned well and the green beans were pretty darn good too! of goats milk
All I can say is, the Ward family is a gift from God! They are wonderful friends! of goats milk

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