Steve's Friends Dressed in Wizard of Oz Costumes Crash His Apartment, August 29, 2001
Fun Art Well, Mike, Sherri, Tara and Brent gave me an unexpected visit at 9:15 pm ... dressed in Wizard of Oz costumes!
Bakersfield people Mike immediately had a seat in the living room and enjoyed reading the fart book on the coffee table.
Lantern thing I had no food to offer them as guests, but I did whip out my Fozzie Pez Dispenser. Orange flavor!
Building "Dorothy" really enjoyed sitting in the green love seat. (That's Tara, the one that made the rainbow-colored jello.)
Garden of the Gods & Pikes Peak Yup. That's a Burger King hat on Sherri's head. Last week Sherri and Tara were over for breakfast. Everyone that comes over loves the sage green I painted in the living room
Yucca Plant in bloom They only stayed for about an hour. Tara was practically asleep as they left, so I plopped my BIG BUTT on her to wake her up. :)

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