Pictures of Woodland Park, Colorado
Pictures of a Mountain Cabin in Woodland Park, June 2001
mountains That's the dining room and the entrance to the front deck. Notice how bright it is!
decks That's one of the three decks she has on her modest-sized home. (Let's just say my occasional visits to Lauren's home is the best form of motivation in making a profitable venture.)
hot tub window She has a hot tub upstairs, and that's a window looking out from the hot tub of the Pikes Peak range. ***Sigh!***
Living Room The living room, with plenty of light, cozy chairs and a fireplace, of course. I realize happiness DOES NOT come from owning things ... that's not my point in showing off these pictures. I am just so inspired every time I visit. What a nurturing and conducive place say, to write a book!
Colorado Proverb That plaque is soooooooooooooo true!
Brown Room The Brown Room. Lauren is one of the best interior decorators I have ever known. (Done in beautiful 70's San Diego Padres colors!)
great view Just down the road, there's an amazing view of the west edge of Pikes Peak.
Smiley picture That's me, being happy in the house. :)
squirrel picture That's Chippy, the neighborhood squirrel.

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