The WYOMING STATE CAPITOL BUILDING! (Yeehaw!) - December 6, 2001
wyoming state capitol sign Well, I visited Wyoming yesterday and hung out at the Wyoming Capitol Building. I've got some really fun pictures here ... you must scroll down! :)
wyoming capitol building It was very windy outside so I was very pleased to learn the capitol building was open.
Wyoming General Assembly The General Assembly deliberates here.
Funky-looking Indian Check out this Indian sculpture. I love it.
Wyoming Buffalo Wyoming, just like Colorado, teamed with buffalo in the "old days." I am becoming more and more fascinated with the legacy of the buffalo. Heck, I even love EATING BUFFALO! :P
Abraham Lincoln and me! I had so much fun! The interesting thing was I think I was the only tourist there! That's a shot of me next to a huge Abraham Lincoln sculpture. WHAT A BIG HEAD ... HA HA HA HA HA HA!
wyoming secretary of state and me Guys! I met the Wyoming Secretary of State, Joseph Meyer, and even got a picture of us! THIS TOTALLY MADE MY DAY! I felt a little bad that I was so underdressed. (In fact, I think I need a "wardrobe makeover." I look terrible in that shot.) Anyhow, the folks working in the Capitol building were so friendly. I walked into the governor's office and humbly introduced myself as a tourist from Colorado. Immediately I received a warm welcome! I asked if I could get a picture of the governor, but the secretary said Governor Geringer was not in town. Then another friendly gentleman (I want to say his name was Max, but I'm not sure. I do know he was the State Auditor) walked me over to Mr. Meyer's office. It turns out he's also the Lieutenant Governor - so I shook hands with the #2 man in Wyoming! AMAZING!
Ceiling Architecture The ceiling was quite beautiful.
Picture of Wyoming State Flag The Wyoming State Flag!
Hallway As I said, I think I was the only tourist in the building at the time. And everyone seemed to be working as if it were a regular work day in an ordinary office building. What a great time I had!
Wyoming Bureaucrats I got a shot of Wyoming bureaucrats, all seven of them, busily working on something. :)

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