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EXTRA CHRISTMAS PICTURES from Steve's New Jersey Visit!

Steve's Childhood Home (December 2003)

That's my Mama playing the piano on Christmas.
Goodies that my sister-in-law baked!
My Dad driving in Westchester County, NY, with me in the back seat! ;)
We had a fairly small gathering on Christmas Day, with my uncle and grandma coming over.
My younger brother looks at a map of Hudson County, NJ.

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  • Bernie, His Wife & Boonton, NJ Christmas Party

    Bernie, with his wife's pet lizard that walks around freely in their home! Look at that! :)
    Here's a nice shot of Bernie and his wife Biata.
    That's Sharon (Bernie's younger sister) and I. Sharon and I have all sorts of stories to tell from our friendship of over ten years! ;)
    Everyone! Sharon is single and what a cutie she is! If you live in the New Jersey/New York area, then you might want to seek her out! :)
    Biata and Monica (who's making a funny face).
    Sharon yaps away with Biata.
    Okay, the pictures so far are boring! We had fun dancing for awhile! :)
    Sharon and Monica boogey! :P
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  • Old Friends: Robyn, Rob & Baby Jonathan

    I first met Robyn about twelve years ago while in college. She's married now (to Rob, a really cool guy) and they just had a baby! :)
    A couple of adorable shots of baby Jonathan.
    Oh how sappy! :P

    Go ahead and blab away about any of these pictures on my:


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