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Pictures of Yaks

Yak Ranch In Chaffee County, Colorado
Yak Ranch
Don't you just love the phonetics of the word yak? :)

In January 2006, I visited a yak rancher in Granite, Colorado who generously allowed me to roam throughout his ranch. Gene's website is

According to Gene, yaks are bovines, and they are native animals of the high-altitude region of Tibet, China. They're fairly quick and nimble animals (similar llamas) and are definitely smarter than cows. They have horns and their overall body physique and fur is similar to buffaloes. These yaks did not seem dangerous or threatening, although they did seem to buck heads with each other to establish the "pecking order" among themselves.

The photo above was a llama posing for me. I think he gave me that look to persuade me to give him food. :)

Amazing animals, aren't they? According to sources, there are only a few thousand yaks in the entire United States.
Gene tended to his yaks. No question he has a passionate love for his animals.
Yak Ranch
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    Believe it or not, this is yak food! They look like wooden pegs, but they're actually compacted oats. Yaks eat this stuff like crazy!

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