The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs: Tote & Steve Admire The Zoo Animals
June 14, 2003

Hooray! Tote and I visited the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo today!
Yippee! Check out these giraffes!
While I gotcha here, other animal stuff:
  • Jae's Dog
  • Animals & Fish at Denver Aquarium
  • Buffaloes in Hartsel, CO
  • Check out this BABY LION!

    Toteco really wanted to see the rhinoserous! Just look how big and fat it is!
    Oooooooooo! This green snake had wrapped himself around all around some kind of pole. Amazing!
    Check out this funky-looking creature. It's like a mini-orangutan!

    Oh guys, I guess my nose is a little sensitive to zoo animal smells!

    I HAD TO hold my nose to survive in there! :-(
    What a cute turtle!
    Manitou Springs has plenty of bears, particularly in my neighborhood, but this bear was fun to watch!
    According to the sign, this vulture's main appetite is eating dead carcasses! Yeesh!

    Check out the gorilla! :P
    That's the best shot I could get of the wolf! He was kind of hiding!
    Guys! It took me about 20 minutes to finally get a picture of me and a rooster that was walking around freely in the zoo. It kept running away from me!

    What a pretty peacock!
    Oh guys, this was awful! There was a rotting zebra carcass and these birds were preying on it.
    These rodents remind me of the yellow-bellied marmots from Pikes Peak Highway.
    There were two elephants that were throwing up their big noses up so that people could feed them crackers. (Click this picture for a cool close-up!)

    An orangutan and me and a stuffed orangutan! ;-)
    La la la la la la la la...
    Toteco enjoyed this snake that shot out water in the "African Rift" section! ;)
    Oooooo! Check out THIS little critter! ;)
    Here's my attempt to include Toteco and myself in the same picture! Can you see my reflection in her sunglasses? ;)
    And lastly, that's me freaking out in the butterfly pavillion, which was super hot! Have you ever been to the Denver Butterfly Pavilion?

    Okay, definitely share your thoughts about the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs or any of these zoo animal pictures on my:


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